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How can I edit SmartClass content?

Changes can be made to already existing SmartClass activities to meet the needs of your students. Find out how in this article.


By Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-03-30

Last Update: 2023-03-30


Our SmartClass content is full of engaging activities that focus on the important skills when learning a language, but you know your students. Every year you have students who excel in certain aspects and some who need additional support. Luckily, you are able to edit and adapt activities to challenge and support students all while using the same activity. Here are some ideas for how you can edit SmartClass activities:


1. Change instructions - You can add additional instructions to increase the expectation of the activity (ie. for an Open Text, set a minimum limit of sentences, vocabulary usage, verb tense, etc). Any activity could be duplicated and additional hints could also be given in the instructions box to help students who would otherwise struggle to complete the activity independently. 


2. Remove a question - You can remove or reword questions that you think are too easy/difficult for your students.


3. Edit the text field - You can edit anything in a text field, whether it be words/sentences in a Pronuncation activity or words in a Word Jumble. All you have to do is click "Edit Activity" and make changes to adapt to your student's ability level. 


4. Change brackets on a Fill-in-the-Blanks - If you find the brackets too long or short on Fill-in-the-Blanks activities, simply edit them to make the activity more appropriate for your students. Instead of them having to worry about how many words are in a bracket, separate the phrase into individual brackets to provide a hint. 


5. Add questions - Additional questions can be added to activities such as Multiple Choice and Question and Answer, while additional words/ sentences could be added to activities just as Pronunciation and Sentence Jumble. 


While no changes can be made to a PDF or audio file, activities can be duplicated and different audio or PDF could be added. Additional folders can not be added to the Let's Talk English content, as the folder limit has been reached; however, activities that you create can be added to the already existing folders. 


Note: Any desired changes to activities need to be made before the folder of activities is made available to students. 


Contact us if you would like more information.