How can I make Multiple Choice activities engaging?

Everyone knows Multiple Choice activities but here is how you can create them to be engaging and versatile activities for students.

MelissaBy Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-03-09

Last Update: 2023-03-09


One option for Multiple Choice is to choose the correct verb, conjugation, preposition, adjective ending, etc. You could upload a text (PDF), audio, or video and have the sentences typed out with either a list of options for students to choose from or sentences typed and students select “true” or “false” or “correct” or “incorrect”. 

Make sure to mark the correct answer for the system to auto-grade the activity. 


Another option is to create a comprehension activity. Have students listen/watch/read and choose the best answer. 


Students could also choose the best vocabulary word to complete the sentence or look at an image and answer the questions. 

The max number of answers students can choose from is 7 and the max number of questions that can be posted is 100. 


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