How can I use Letter, Word, and Sentence Jumbles?

Jumbles are great for reviewing vocabulary, understanding sentence structure, and determining sequencing, and they are easy to differentiate. Below you will find out how to create them.

MelissaBy Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-03-08

Last Update: 2023-07-20

Letter Jumbles are used to unscramble spelling words. Simply type the vocabulary words and our system will scramble the letters for you. Students click on the letters to move them to spell the words correctly.  Below, I simply clicked “Author Text” under “Create Activities” to type simple instructions, then clicked on “Letter Jumble” under “Quizzes” on the Activity Wizard.


Then type the vocabulary words and our system will scramble the letters for your students. 

With Word Jumbles, students work with correct word order for sentences, questions, imperatives.

You can make the activity more difficult by putting a space between punctuation to not give the last word away and taking away the capital letter of the first word. You can also decide to make words/sentences longer or shorter depending on the level of your students. 

Sentence Jumbles are great for conversation flow or story sequencing. While the example below has basic instructions, the following example shows how additional hints in the instructions box would help support students who might otherwise be intimidated by this activity. Again, type the sentences correctly, and our system will scramble them for the students. 

Keep the following parameters in mind when creating jumble activities:

Activity Template Parameters-s

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