How do I create a Text, Image, or Category Match activity?

Matching activities are great for reviewing vocabulary, grammar concepts and listening comprehension. Below are some ideas and things to keep in mind when creating a matching activity.

MelissaBy Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-03-08

Last Update: 2023-03-08

Text Match activities can be used to match vocabulary words with their translations, match synonyms and antonyms, beginnings of sentences with ends, and the list goes on. The chart below gives character limits to keep in mind when creating any matching activity.  

Character Limits

An easy Text Match to create would be to have students match definitions of words with the correct word. You simply type the description and type the correct word underneath. 

Text Match - edit activity

Text Match activity

Image Match activities are great for learning new vocabulary. Students could match a sentence with the image it describes or listen to descriptions of time or money and match to the correct image. You simply need to add pictures to the template and type the corresponding word. 

add images

import image

label images

Image Match activity

Category Matches could be used in the following ways:

Fill in the Blanks/Chart: Listen/watch/read and put the information in the chart correctly.

Fill in the Blanks

Category Match activity

Grammar: Work with grammar topics such as regular vs. irregular verbs, comparatives vs. superlatives, tense, etc.

Categories: Put words into categories based on a common idea.

Matching activities are auto-graded and you can always add additional instructions for students in the instructions box.


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