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idp.generic: Is this an infection or a false positive?

Frecuently, Users are facing issue of IDP.Generic's infection warning even when accessing some legitimate programs, such as SmartClass Suite. We found that this was a bug of AVG and Avast antivirus software.

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By Fernando Solórzano

Date of Creation: 2020-11-03

Last Update: 2023-02-17


Some Users are experiencing issues of IDP.Generic's infection warning when start our SmartClass apps. But, There is no specific type of programs, in fact, Users are facing issues with other  legitimate software and games.

False positive warnings by Avast & AVG has been fixed in the latest update. So if you are facing this issue because of our software do not be afraid, most certainly  you have not updated the antivirus program.



What is the cause of the issue?

If the "infection" is within a temp folder it could be a virus or trojan, so you should clean it or delete it. but if it showing warning with .exe program (like our example), this is a false positive, based on the fact that our program came from a trusted source.

Actually behavior shield catches the file thinking that "it could be a malware". Behavior shield is a component of antivirus that catches the files based on their behavior to give a Zero day protection, So it always could be false positive on every program.

How to fix the IDP.generic warning issue?

Follow the below steps to remove this warning:

1. Update Antivirus software

Your first step should be to update to the latest version of Antivirus software. Update both program and virus definition especially if you are using AVG or Avast.

2. Update Java runtime environment

You java runtime environment could be outdated or conflicting. Download Latest Java. And remove all old version of Java using Add / Remove Programs in the control panel. Then install the latest version.


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