SmartClass New Release 6.04 for Installed Apps

New release for HUB with features previously only available in Web HUB. Also new releases for LIVE, WEB Manager, and Windows Student apps.


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By  Pierre Emond 

Date of Creation: 2022-08-12

Last Update: 2023-02-15

SmartClass LIVE Updates

  • New User Interface color scheme
    Improved synergy in User Interface color scheme between LIVE and HUB apps.
  • CD / DVD Controls are removed from the Teacher module.

    - Media players and Web content in Windows are more flexible than our old CD/DVD player. So we removed it!

    - Teachers can use them to play music and videos and share them with students.

    - CD controls are still available in AP Testing mode only.

  • Archive and Restore Buttons

    It was sometimes difficult to restore the LIVE settings after reinstalling SmartClass-Teacher. The "Archive" and "Restore" buttons are now making this task easier.
    For more information on this new feature, ask our service department for instructions (For IT and Technicians only. 
    Archive and Restore
    • Refresh button for Hardware Audio/KVM control
      We added a Reset/Test button that allows teachers/technicians to check the operability of the SmartClass Hardware Control system. 
      Refresh button
      By clicking the circle arrow, the LIVE Software will reset the communication with the Hardware and will reestablish the link.  If the squares come back green, all is OK. If they are still gray, contact your IT or our Service team for help. 

    SmartClass HUB Updates

    Available for installed version only. Not available for our HUB Web version. 

    • Fixed Export results to CSV - diacritics (special characters) are now supported. 

      When exporting to CSV for reports, you can use all alphabets supported by Windows, without loss of characters. 

    • Active timers do not need Install Teacher HUB to be open for folders to be activated in Install Student HUB.
      Starting with version 6.04, when a teacher makes activities available to students with a timer, the timer will be activated when students open the installed HUB. 

      In Install Teacher HUB, when importing a media file or a course (teacher-created activities within folders), those files will appear correctly under the new user.
      No more need to refresh or move to "Organize and Assign" tab.

    • Resize the window for the Install Teacher HUB.
      You can now decrease the window to a smaller size to fit small screens. Scroll bars will help you move inside the window.

    • New utility to copy LTE Media Files included in Install Teacher HUB.
      Faster download of content after the first download for each paid content. 
      All the media files for the paid content will cache in your database, so the next time the same content needs to download, the media files will only be copied internally. It will take only a fraction of the time of the original download. 

    • The Install Student HUB app now has a "Show Activity Status" function.
      Green labels now appear in the student HUB to indicate which activities have been completed, graded, and if the teacher has left written or audio feedback.

    • The Redo function is now available in the installed Teacher HUB to give a second chance to individual students.

      The Redo function will erase the student's initial attempt and reset the activity. It will not keep account of the previous score or student response.

    • Usage Report is now available with Web Manager V 6.04 and for Teacher HUB and Student HUB on Windows OS.
      We have 3 levels of Usage Report
      1- Administrator: the administrator will see Usage Reports on all Teachers, Classes, and Students. 
      2- Teacher: Teachers will see reports on their classes and individual students.
      3- Student: Students can see a Usage Report on the activities they have done. 
      The Usage Report will be available for new data created after the new WebManager version 6.04 or higher is installed. 
    • Help buttons for abbreviations in activities creation:
      1- In Pronunciation Activities, you can add a definition in your native language to help the students understand the text to read with this key:  DEF%text for definition/translation
      2- In the instructions for students in each activity, you can embed a Web link of your choice with this key: URL%WEBLINK#Label%
      WEBLINK: the actual web address you want the students to open
      Label: the text that will show for students to click on.
      Example: if you enter  it will show as Robotel
      And students will be able to open our website in a browser page.

    • Install Teacher HUB will check at startup that the Version of Web Manager server is up to date

      - To make sure you have all the benefits of V6.04 when opening Teacher HUB V6.04.3 or higher.
      - If Web Manager was not updated to V 6.04, a message will advise that an upgrade is needed.
      - You should make sure that Web Manager is updated as soon as possible, so your Usage Report starts keeping stats on your student activities.  

      Web Manager 

    SmartClass WEB Manager UPDATES

    • Web Apps can now connect with Web Manager with full versions for Teachers and Students.
      When Web Manager V6.04 is configured with a public IP on your institution's Windows Server, we will provide 2 web links to open SC Teacher HUB Web and SC Student HUB Web with the same features as on an SC Cloud. No more restrictions because of the local database. 
    • Installed Teacher and Students Windows Apps can now display the Usage Report from a local database (non-cloud) through Web Manager.

      The Usage Report will be available for new data created after the new WebManager version 6.04 or higher is installed.  

    Contact us if you would like more information.