Server Identification (LIVE configuration)

The first step in configuring an installed system is to identify the network location of the media server at the teacher’s station.

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-11-24

Last Update: 2023-02-17


First of all, you need to launch the Live Activities Dashboard (LIVE) by clicking on the icon shown below:

Live Icon

Then enter Configuration.

Server Identification

The server identification panel will automatically appear when you first launch the Live Activities Dashboard on the teacher station. This panel is shown below:


Server Identification


There are two choices:

  1. The first choice: Use Teacher for storage, is reserved for demonstration only. Always use the second choice below for actual installation in a language lab.
  2. The second choice is the one you will select: Use dedicated server for storage. Here you can have 2 types of databases. 1- If your database is located on a server or NAS device, enter the path to the SmartClass-Server folder. 2- If you have a SmartClass Cloud, enter the cloud name starting with ##.

Note: The format for the path information is abbreviated. Do not enter the “\\” characters in front of the server name, and do not include “SmartClass-Server” as part of the path information. File names cannot include SPACES. An example path is:



If you will be linking the SmartClass+ users with your school’s LDAP Directory, the path must include an \LDAP folder parent for the SmartClass-Server folder.



If you are using the cloud-hosting option, the identification of the path will be provided to you. Its format (as shown in the image) is as follows:



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