SmartClass HUB and LIVE - Installed Apps for Students

How to download, install and configure the latest SmartClass app for students, on Windows, MAC OS, IOS, Androids and Chromebooks.

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By Pierre Emond

Date of Creation: 2020-11-13

Last Update: 2023-02-17

Hello students!
Ready to connect to your class in SmartClass HUB or LIVE?

Just follow these steps:


WINDOWS 10 / 11

1. Download the SmartClass app for Windows by clicking this link:

SmartClass Student for Windows

2. Run the Setup file: SmartClass-AIR-StudentSetup-Version-610.exe
Make sure the title says:
Welcome to SmartClass

3. Click NEXT 2 times
SmartClass Student
Confirm Setup Settings

4. A new icon is on your desktop, so double click it!

SmartClass icon

5. Click the cool blue gear:

blue gear

6. And select your school in the list and click "Select":

Select School


WARNING: If you select the wrong School you won't be able to change the selection. When you see a window like this one:

Preset Password Warning

Make sure it shows your school name and Country!   
If you select the wrong school your app will be locked to that school, and you won't be able to change the school selection.

7. If you see the name of your school in the app title bar, you are ready to Select the LIVE, HUB or WEB tab :

8. The next time you open the SmartClass App, just select 
LIVE, HUB, or WEB tab, no need to go back to the blue gear. 

9. You can now log in to your class, with the username and password you received from your teacher. Let's go!

Log in


Download and install this app:


For IOS and IPAD OS(iPad and iPhone) search for "SmartClass+" in the App

Download on the App Store

For Android (tablets and Smartphones) look for “SmartClass” in the Google Play Store:

Android app

And for Chromebook, if your Chromebook is able to install Android Apps from the Google Play Store, you can look for the “SmartClass” app, and install it. 

Android app


Once you have installed the app, open it and follow steps 4 to 8 above. 

You will need to allow the Mic and Webcam for the app.

If you logged in, opened your class, and can see the activities assigned by your teacher, congratulations you've made it!


Watch this short video for some hints on how to use SmartClass (version 5).

Navigating Student SC HUB

Have fun!


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