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SmartClass Server Shared folder

The incorrect assignment of user permissions is one of the most common reasons for improper system operation.

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-11-23

Last Update: 2023-02-22


The SmartClass-Server folder must be shared with the following permissions:


User Type Permissions
Teacher Read, Modify.
Students Read, Modify.


If you wish to make the shared folder invisible to users, you can use the “$” approach, however you cannot directly change the name of the database folder. Typically, system administrators will create a higher level directory folder for this purpose, and then include SmartClass-Server within this higher level folder (as shown below).




File names cannot include any SPACES (ASCII 32).


Provision is included within all SmartClass software modules to define the path to the database.


Note: that if you are configuring a system to operate with LDAP directory support, you must insert an LDAP\ folder in front of the SmartClass-Server folder.


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