Usage Report: active time for students is not registered

When I open SmartClass Usage Report for my class, my students' TIME ACTIVE column is showing 0

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By Pierre Emond

Date of Creation: 2022-11-09

Last Update: 2023-02-15


The TIME ACTIVE column will show how much time each student has spent on all of the activities that were assigned for a class. 

But in some situations, even if you know that your students have spent time on the activities, you will see 0 under TIME ACTIVE. 

For "Time Active" to be captured and displayed in Usage Report, students must do activities using a SmartClass HUB or WEB app using a compatible version.

We have 2 types of Student App:

1- Installable apps (must be Version 6.0 or higher) - Currently, only Windows and MAC OS versions will support registering the student's TIME ACTIVE.   

2- HUB Web Apps (Version 5.61.8 and higher) including all web links opened after July 11th, 2022. Every time you open Student or Teacher SmartClass HUB Web apps, it will get the latest version from our server. 


Note: Usage Report is only available if you are using:

  • A SmartClass Cloud 
  • A local database connected to a Web Manager version 6.04 or newer.  

In both of these cases, all your students' and teachers' activities will be recorded in the Usage Report when teachers and students also use compatible apps. 


Contact us if you would like more information.