What activities can I create with video?

Video recordings are easy to create and help students practice for presentations and express themselves. Below are ideas for activities you can create in the SmartClass HUB.


By Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-03-07

Last Update: 2023-03-07

Video Open Recordings

Respond: Listen to a recording and respond.

Prompt: Respond to a prompt (weekly/monthly/ or benchmarks beginning, middle, end).

Story: Look at picture/s and tell a story or practice reading a story out loud to someone with expression

Video message: Pretend you are leaving a video message to someone.

Presentation: Practice for presentations and self-reflection OR do a presentation in class one by one. Show these videos in class.

Getting to Know You: Make videos of self as benchmarks at the beginning and end of a level.

American Sign Language: Make a video to communicate using sign language

Video recordings are not auto-graded, so it is important to leave explicit instructions for students so they understand what is expected of them. 


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