What if my students' recordings are stopping automatically?

When students are recording an audio or video answer, the recording will stop when the maximum time as been reached.

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Authored by:   Pierre Emond

Creation date: 2020-09-15

Revision date: 2023-02-15


We have set a 20 minutes maximum recording time for audio answers, and 4  minutes and 40 secondes for video answers.

This is to make sure all recordings will be saved, in all situations. 


For video recordings, it is possible that the recording will stop before the 4:40.

For example when recording on a Windows Laptop using the webcam, with a resolution of 720P and 30 frames per seconds, it will stop between 4:20 to 4:40.  

On a Samsung S8 the video will record only for 2:40, because of the high resolution of the front webcam. 

On a iPad, it will stop after 2:20, due to the device limitations.

On a Lenovo Chromebook, it records for 4:40.

Results will vary according to the devices configuration, memory usage and size of video file created. 


For audio recordings, it will stop recording at 20 minutes. If the internal memory of the device is full, then it will stop before 20 minutes. 


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