What is the Account Portal and what can I find there?

The Account Portal is your one-stop access to the SmartClass Teaching Platform and resources. 

MelissaBy Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-06-09

Last Update: 2023-20-09


With the Account Portal, you have access to your Teaching Platform account, Student Hub, and the SmartClass Academy. You will also find our SmartClass English, German, and Spanish teacher handbooks, teaching resources, and student materials, which can be downloaded and printed. You also have access to our blog, Knowledge Base, and English grammar lessons without having to search on YouTube. 

Account Portal

How do you get access? When you log into your SmartClass Teaching Platform account, you will see a My Account Portal button.

My Account Portal Icon

You can also access your account portal from our website (www.robotel.com) by clicking "Log in".

Website login

When clicking for the first time, you will need to connect your Hub account to the portal by filling in your school email address. An access link will then be sent to that email, and you are ready to go! 


Account Poral connection

Contact us if you would like more information.