What is the SmartClass Placement Test?

The Placement Test is designed to determine the correct level of students' understanding of English so that they can be placed in the correct proficiency level of our Let's Talk! English curriculum.

Melissa By: Melissa Arndt

Date of Creation: 2023-21-07

Last Update: 2023-21-07


How does it work? Students will be presented with a series of questions to check their audio/microphone settings and that they can interact with the activities correctly. Once they enter the test, they will have 45 minutes to answer the questions. The activities assess reading and listening comprehension as well as knowledge of various grammar concepts. 

Testing Environment

How does the test progress? All students begin at the A1 level and have to correctly answer questions in order to progress or unlock the next level of questions. If the test recognizes that a student is at the A1 or A2 level, the test will end sooner for them and they will not be given the B1 questions.


How many questions are there? There are a total of 18 activities that pull from a databank of over 90 questions. Each activity has 3-8 questions. The test is made up of Multiple Choice, Sentence Jumble, and Word Jumble activity templates. Therefore, all of the questions are jumbled in every question type. This allows for countless variations of the test.


To whom will the results be sent? The results are sent to whoever initiated the test. The results will not be sent to the students, and, at the end screen, they are informed that the results are gathered and will be sent to their teacher/school.


What information is shared in the results? As of now, the results are in raw spreadsheet format with the student's name, the level placed, and the time it took for him/her to complete the test.

SmartClass Placement Test

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