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BYOD vs. Fixed Classroom

Which are the fundamentals behind these two Language lab configurations?

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-11-23

Last Update: 2023-02-22

Fixed Classroom

A fixed classroom is defined as a lab in which a set of dedicated student devices, (PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Tablets), are always connected to the same teacher station. A fixed classroom might be implemented within a dedicated room, but it might also comprise a mobile cart with a teacher station and 30 iPads.

In a fixed classroom environment, the table on the left of the Configuration panel on SmartClass LIVE (Formerly LAD) will display a list of student devices that are normally connected with the teacher station.

BYOD Environment (Bring Your Own Device)

In a BYOD environment, (or a one-to-one environment), the student and/or teacher devices are not dedicated, but generally follow the users from class to class. The key is that a particular student device may connect with multiple teacher stations.

The BYOD Manager is the program used to broker connections between teachers and students. Initially, a teacher will launch a specific LIVE (formerly LAD) class (e.g. ENGLISH 101A), from a particular teacher station. The ID of the teacher station and class details are captured by the BYOD Manager.

As students login via the BYOD Manager, they are advised which of their classes are currently in session, and the student then selects their target class.

Once connected with a specific teacher LIVE, the BYOD Manager’s work is done and student’s stations then communicate directly with the teacher’s station.


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