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How to Install SmartClass MacOS Student

The first step to do it, is to download the SC PKG file. You can request the download link from us at robotel.com

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By Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2020-02-02

Last Update: 2023-02-24


Once you have downloaded the SmartClass-Student-MAC-Version-xxx.pkg file, open the download folder in Finder.


Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 3.01.37 PM

Double-click on SmartClass-Student-MAC-Version-xxx.pkg and follow the instructions to install it. 

After the installation is done, go to Applications, select the SmartClass-Student-MAC icon, and drag it to the Dock. 


Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 3.03.25 PM

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 3.14.49 PM


Open SmartClass-Student-MAC, and you will be ready to configure it, by following the instructions in the article below (Start at set 6.):

SmartClass HUB and LIVE - Installed Apps for Students


Contact us if you would like more information.