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List of Ports (TCP), URLs, and IP Addresses needed for SC Apps

Apply these rules to maintain connectivity between SmartClass Apps.

Fernando avatarBy Fernando Solórzano

Date of Creation: 2019-11-10

Last Update: 2024-04-10

SmartClass Apps will need unrestricted access to these URLs and IPs (Whitelisted) 


  • www.SmartClassPlus.com
  • www.roboteltest.com
  • www.robotelapps.com
  • speech.googleapis.com
  • api.ispeech.org
  • scwa-gc-asia-1.com (For Asia Clients only)
  • License Manager:  (future IP:
  • SmartClass Cloud: / /
  • SmartClass Content download:
  • SCX cloud sharing:

These TCP listening ports are needed for installed SmartClass apps.

These TCP ports should be available (opened) for SmartClass apps:

  • Teacher Station TO/FROM all Students Apps:
    80, 33370, 33378, 33379, 33389
  • BYOD Manager TO/FROM all Students Apps: 
    33359, 33389, 80
  • BYOD Manager TO/FROM Teacher Station:
  • Homework Manager FROM Internet:
If port 80 is in use for the local IP of the Server hosting Web Manager, it can be customized to a random port in the Web Manager configurations. Ex. 8080
If port 80 is in use for the public IP, traffic redirection to the local IP for the Web manager can be done with a random port.  Ex. 8080


URLs and Pubilc IPs addresses

In some cases, is good to look at the  Resource Monitor

(Task Manager > Performance Tab > Resource Monitor in the Listening Ports Tab)

It will show the ports that are being used, and possibly free-up the port needed for SmartClass. 


Resource Monitor


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