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SmartClass WEB Manager: Remote Access

The SC Web Manager must have an externally accessible dedicated public IP address. Normally, the school IT department will configure this link through the network's firewall.

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-12-03

Last Update: 2023-02-22


In this example, the firewall’s NAT table, (Network Address Translation), might be configured to have all Internet access to public address mapped to the SC Web Manager’s Server internal address of


NAT Table

SmartClass Teacher HUB Application

Teachers who have the SmartClass-Teacher-HUB application software installed on their Windows-based computers or tablets can have their system administrator configure the application to connect with the HomeWork public IP as shown in the image below:


Server Configuration


  • School Server: The school-server is the device that hosts the SmartClass database internally. You can use the server name or the server’s internal IP address.
  • HomeWork Server: For this field, you should use the external public IP address of the server running the WEB Manager application. The public IP can also use a specific port. Example:, where 8080 is the port reserved to access WEB Manager from the public IP. 


SmartClass Student Applications

Students who have the SmartClass Student application installed on their devices, (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), will choose their institution in our School list, and click Select button.

Select School

If the school is not available in the School List, system administrators can manually  configure the app for remote access to the HomeWork public IP as shown in the image below:

Server Connection Settings

Browser-Based Remote Access

Students and Teachers can access a special URL link  that will open the SmartClass HUB app and connect them to the SmartClass WEB Manager hosted at their school.


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