SmartClass HUB Configuration Management

Certain system configuration parameters are managed from HUB administrator page

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-11-23

Last Update: 2023-02-17


To access the administrator page, launch the SC Media Teacher by clicking on this icon:

SC Media Teacher    OR    SmartClass Teacher Hub


Administrator Login

1-  Click on Administrator Login:

Admin Login

2- A new window will prompt you to fill the Username and the Password fields for the administrator. Note that a blue wrench will indicate that you are logging in as the administrator.  

Admin Login


If you have lost the default administrator credentials or the new administrator credentials, please Contact us


After logging in you will see this window:

Administrator Panel


The HUB Administrative Panel is used to manage the following items:

Manage Teacher Accounts:

  • Creating or modifying Teacher accounts.
  • Hiding Teacher accounts.

Configuration button:

  • Configuring ADPCM compression for audio intercom (LIVE) and audio recordings (LIVE & HUB).
  • Configuring LDAP/LDAPS directory support.
  • Importing TCCS (Teacher-Course-Class-Students) CSV files (non-cloud database only).
  • Slowdown and Fast Playback.

Set BYOD IP button:

  • If the SmartClass System includes a BYOD manager, the IP for the server hosting it must be entered here.


Contact us if you would like more information.