SmartClass HUB Install | Student Management Tips for Beginners

Explore a few helpful tips for SmartClass HUB student management that help you to get started with the language learning platform.

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By Veronika Czimmermann

Date of Creation: 2020-07-18

Last Update: 2023-02-15


Student Management Tip #1

To enroll students, select the classroom you want to add them to, then navigate to the Manage Students section.

manage students


Student Management Tip #2

When enrolling students, you have two options: add students manually, or upload a CSV file of student credentials.

add students


Student Management Tip #3

Create a CSV file from a spreadsheet. Column "A" is for first name, column "B" is for last name, column "C" is for username, column "D" is for a password.

Download our CSV template 

Download our CSV template when using LDAP

students list csv


Student Management Tip #4

Usernames must be unique. A student can be enrolled in multiple classes by using the same username and password.



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