SmartClass HUB Install | Tips for Creating Activities for Beginners

Explore a few helpful tips for creating SC HUB activities that help you to get started with the language learning platform.

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By Veronika Czimmermann

Date of Creation: 2020-07-18

Last Update: 2023-02-15


Create Activities Tip #1

To create language activities, select the classroom you want to create activities for, then navigate to the Create Activities section.

create activities


Create Activities Tip #2

Did your school purchase any of our language content? If so, you can download it to an EMPTY class. Content will only download to a new class without students, files, or activities.

Learn more about downloading content in this knowledge base article.

download LTE


Create Activities Tip #3

You need a file in order to create any activity. Upload a media file from your computer or record questions for your students in the HUB.

upload media files


Create Activities Tip #4

To create an activity, drag a file from the Media Files column and drop it into the Activities column.

drag and crop create


Create Activities Tip #5

Choose the activity type and click "Create Activity". After the activity is created more information can be completed: instruction for students, right answers, etc.

activities (kopie)


Create Activities Tip #6

Click the "Student Preview" button to view and interact with an activity from a student's perspective.

preview 2


Student Management Tip #7

Delete, duplicate, or trash the highlighted activities. 



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