What should I do if the SC Student Hub isn't working from home?

The SmartClass platform is in constant development, as is the technological environment that supports the platform. Technical problems may arise, and this article is a humble response to some of them.


By Yanick Demers

Date of Creation: 2021-11-23

Last Update: 2023-02-15


The problems you may face can be categorized in this way:

  • Unreliable internet connection
  • Device related (obsolete, lack of power, or issue with the OS)
  • Misunderstanding of the platform
  • Program-related (We are humble, it might be the program!)


But first, you should look at this article to make sure you have a good installation and setup of your SmartClass Student app:

SmartClass HUB and LIVE - Installed Apps for Students

OK all is installed correctly, so lets continue.

The number one problem? The internet!

Any technology company will confirm it to you, the internet connection is by definition unstable and inconsistent. The good news is that some precautions can help you, here are some guidelines.

  1. Chose Wi-Fi over mobile data: In general, a home connection to a Wi-Fi network is better than what mobile devices provide. If you can, use 5.0Ghz AC Wifi networks. 
  2. If you use mobile Data avoid 3G and 4G networks, chose LTE or 5G networks. If LTE and 5G networks aren't available, well We strongly suggest waiting for a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Traffic jam on the virtual highway? You may have great internet bandwidth, but performance might not be the greatest if your family members are watching movies, and, or attending a Zoom meeting at the same time. 
  4. Be stable: I mean, avoid doing your homework on the Bus. You don't want to fall into loopholes!
    And when at home, try not to move around from one room to the other. Find a spot where you have a good connection and stay there!


Recommendations for devices

Not all devices are born equal... The reality is that there are significant differences in performance depending on the age, OS version, and power of the tools you will be using. Here are a few tips:
  1. Make sure your device meets our recommended specs (LINK coming soon). If your device is off-bound, we suggest trying another device or if available, asking your school to borrow one.
  2. I experienced it myself too many times... The number one problem remains the internet! Are you sure to be on the Wi-Fi network? Is it the right network (SSID)? We often wrongly blame the machine...
  3. Too many apps opened - keep the full speed for SmartClass, and close the background apps. 
  4. Keep your mobile up to date: We keep improving the platform, make sure you have the latest app downloaded. We suggest doing the same with the OS - it helps all apps work better. 
  5. Not properly linked to the device - We strongly suggest using headphones instead of the device onboard mic. Free tip: chose a quiet area of your home to do your SC recording activities - quality recording = chance of better grades! 


Misunderstanding of the platform

In this section, we include the most common mistakes. If your response isn't saved (you have a Not Done status for the activity), you have the option to Re-do. It's probably not your dreamed solution, but it remains the best option. 

  1. Clicking on Close instead of Submit my work: Choosing Close will delete your answers and the activity status will be Not Done.
  2. Be patient! Uploading your response to the School server may take time. Make sure to wait before closing the apps. Refreshing your web link or app, sending the apps to the background, turning off the Wi-Fi or data on your device, can have the same result as hitting Close, your response is gone! And you will have to redo and submit it again. 
  3. Thinking the MIC is recording, but it is not. If your MIC is not detected, you will see an icon that is self explanatory: Mic not detected
    That means you have to plug a headsets in or activate your MIC and restart the SC app. 

    After you did a recording, always play it back, before Submitting it, to make sure that the sound level is good enough. First check the play level.  If still not loud enough, retake it, and speak louder! 
  4. Did I told you about the #1 problem? The Internet... 



“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” (Edsger Dijkstra)

We constantly find ways to improve the solution, thanks to you, the users. So we need to have an understanding of the issue and the context. Saying: "it doesn't work" isn't enough.

If you have a problem to report to us, note the following information:

  1. Your first, last, and username. (no need to share your password, in fact never share your password!)
  2. Your teacher, class, school and country
  3. What device were you using: Brand, Model, OS
  4. What type of network Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, at school or at home ? 
  5. What activity you had issues with : folder name, activity name, etc.
  6. What issue exactly did you experience?

Share this information to your teacher, and they will pass it on to us.


Contact us if you would like more information.