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WEB Manager Operational Overview

The basic concept behind HomeWork is that users who are remote from the school will be able to access the school-hosted SmartClass database via the Internet.

gerry avatar finalBy Gerry Sullivan

Date of Creation: 2019-12-03

Last Update: 2023-02-22


Note: HomeWork provides access to HUB self-study materials, but does not enable users to join LIVE classes.


Once connected, the user experience for students and teachers is identical to being at school, albeit usually with slightly longer delays for downloading assignments and/or uploading responses.


School Network

The SmartClass Web Manager resides on a dedicated computer on the school premises. This computer must be available 24/7, must not be running any other applications that use network port 80, (e.g. cannot be a web server), and must be accessible via a unique public IP address. The Server or PC can have only 1 windows user logged in at any time. If a second user is used to remote in, for example, Web Manager (Homework) will cease to function. 

If port 80 is not available on the Windows Server Hosting Web Manager, a random port can be selected in the configuration. 

The SC Web Manager comprises two internal servers, the SC HUBServer and the SC WEB Server. The SC WEB Server is responsible for all handshaking and communication with SC HomeWork clients. The SC HUB Server is responsible for handling all client access to the SC Database.


Note: If running other SmartClass system modules, (e.g. language labs), the SC Database is shared by all school-based users and all remote users. This ensures that all users and course & class structures are the same whether being accessed from the lab, from a study hall, or from the Internet.


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