What makes the C1/C2 Let's Talk English special?

Learn here how the C1/C2 level of our Let's Talk English curriculum is the advanced level you are looking for.


Lindsey KleinBy Lindsey Klein

Date of Creation: 2023-05-17

Last Update: 2023-05-17

C1/C2 is the continuation of our Let's Talk! English curriculum and is designed to bring a truly advanced experience to those next-level learners. 
LTE curriculum
We gave this book an additional title "Writing Focus" because there is a new section in the book that is not used in the A1-B2 levels which emphasizes advanced writing skills. It still has a grammar section as well, but we know, often at this level their ability, to write is what truly sets students apart (especially with tests).
In our other book levels, we have speaking activities throughout all sections of the chapter. The same is said for the C1/C2 book. There are a total of 61 speaking and 79 listening activities at this level. Your students will definitely have ample opportunities to work on those skills in the English language.
Advanced C1/C2
We have considered making a book in the future that focuses on certain speaking skills and highlights 6 different themes. However, as teachers, we reflected on the fact that all speaking activity templates in our HUB platform would have to be graded by the teacher (besides the pronunciation activities). In our professional opinion, this omits one of the main benefits our platform has to offer with the auto-grading aspect, and we question the added value that would bring to the classroom for a teacher.

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