Why Is It Important To Renew Your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

It is an important priority for us at Robotel to offer uninterrupted support and maintenance of our product to our customers. By having an active SMA, you are guaranteed the most up-to-date software functionality and technical assistance.


Avatar FabianAuthored by:   Fabian Klein

Director of Teacher Support & Educational Technology

Creation date: 2023-05-01

Revision date: 2023-08-01


What is software maintenance?

Any changes done to software is considered maintenance.This includes correcting errors, enhancing capabilities, deleting obsolete capabilities, and optimizing processes. Any issues addressed enhance the value of our product, making it easier to use and more efficient to meet your needs.

By renewing your SMA, you are promised the latest technology and most enhanced user experience. 

What are the benefits of consistent maintenance?

Upgraded Protection - We make it easier for you to upgrade to the newest version of our product as it becomes available and access new features and increased usability. 

Bug Fixes -  We identify and correct errors in coding continuously, which will allow for an improved experience for you. 

Performance Improvement - We review and analyze our system for optimal performance to offer new development features. 

Capability Enhancement - We improve existing features and enhance the system workflow to offer innovative solutions for you. 

Access to Expert Technicians - We are available to address issues you run into with limited down time before the issue is resolved. 


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